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Principal's Message

January 4th, 2023

Hello Cibola Parents and Guardians!

Happy New Year to you all. We are excited to welcome your students back tomorrow, January 5, 2023.  

I want to provide you a few updates and heads up in this correspondence.

First, Fall Semester grades are due January 6, 2023.  You should be able to see semester grades for all classes via Parent Vue by January 7th at the latest.

Next, Cibola will be an in-person (no online, that will be offered at ECademy only) summer school site.  There are two sessions...

Semester 1:  June 5-June 26, AM 7:45-12:00, PM 12:45-5:00,

Semester 2:  June 29-July 21, Same AM and PM sessions as Semester 1

Registration will be May 30-June 2, and June 27-28.

If our students need credit recovery in summer school, our counselors will assist students who are seeking this support May, 2023.

This is great news for Cibola, as we are better able to provide credit recovery opportunities to our students!

And, we have had concerns about students parking in the senior lot even though they are not grad. year 2023 students, and/or the cars do not have a senior lot parking permit.

This semester, we have to crack down on this due to the overcrowded nature of the senior lot at this point, and due to safety concerns associated with underclassmen parking in the lot and leaving for lunch or to ditch classes.

Cibola is an open campus during lunch only to seniors, or grad year 2023 students.

Here is the progression of consequences for parking in the wrong lot and/or parking in the lots without a permit:

  • 1st offense:  Warning, Sticker on side window.
  • 2nd offense:  Lunch detention assigned, sticker on window, parent contact.
  • 3rd offense:  ISS, sticker on window, parent contact.
  • 4th offense:  Loss of parking privileges, sticker, parent contact.
  • 5th offense:   Towing

If, your son or daughter's car is towed, here is who to contact:  All Pro Towing 505-639-3087

The cost will be $150-200 per tow.

The location for vehicle pick up is their yard at 3008 2nd St NW ABQ, NM 87107 (2nd St. South of Candelaria)

Students who have had parking infractions this semester will have a clean slate for the Spring semester.  

We are forewarning all students over the announcements as well.  We encourage students without a permit to purchase a senior lot permit in the main office during lunch for $20.00 and a Jr. Lot permit for underclassmen for $10.00.

We will soon begin tardy sweeps again as well, and students can earn lunch detention, same or next day, for being swept in the hall during these tardy sweeps.  Please encourage your students to be on time to class. If your student is late due to an excused absence, please be sure and send the student with a legible note with time and date written on it, so he or she can show administrators or security if stopped in the hallway. We want students in class, so students will be encouraged to class when they are not in class during class time.  We are not issuing passes to students from the main office when students arrive late to school...students should go straight to class.  If you are picking up an underclassmen student early from school or allowing them to drive off campus from the Jr. lot, you must call the main office to check out your students before he or she will be allowed to leave.

Now that you know, please do also know that we want your student at school, we want our students to build academic confidence, to believe in their ability to succeed, to thrive, grow and be safe at school, and we are dedicated to these endeavors each day.

Thank you for trusting us with your most precious treasure, your sons and daughters.  We accept your trust, and are committed to earning it everyday.

As usual, please let me know if you have questions.


Pam Meyer

November 3rd, 2022


Can you believe it's November?  I am sending this memo to give you some information you may want:)

Remember, there will be no school next Tuesday, November 8th for Election Day and no school next Friday, November 11th for Veteran's Day.

First, this Monday, November 7th, you may be hearing from your student as they call or text you from their Advisory class.  They will be assisting their Advisory teacher with scheduling a parent conference for either November 21st or 22nd.  November 21st and 22nd are parent conference days, no classes for students.  These conferences will be teacher led, and any questions you might have, your son or daughter's Advisory teacher can either answer or help you liaison with a staff member who can get sought information to you.  Advisory teachers are meant to be another adult advocate in your student's high school life, and they help keep us all better connected.  The parent conferences will be an estimated 20-30 minutes long.

Next, the APS Board of Education is conducting community listening sessions, and there is a session scheduled in the Cibola library on December 1st from 6-8 PM.  The information gleaned from this session and others organized around the city will result in setting direction and priorities for the next APS Strategic Plan.  If you are able and interested, please consider coming and contributing your ideas.

The December Final Exam schedule is set as follows:

Thursday, December 15, 7th Period Final Exam

Friday, December 16, Periods 1, 3, 5 Finals

Monday, December 19, Periods 2, 4, 6 Finals

Tuesday, December 20, Makeup Finals

Instructional days have been set into the district/school calendar since July.  If your student is not able to take finals on the scheduled days due to a pressing matter, you can send, with your student, an explanation note for me and the teachers to review.  Your student will need to come to the main office to request an early finals form.  The student will take the early finals form with the explanation note from you to their teachers. If teachers agree, they can sign the form. Keep in mind that teachers are not required to issue or agree to early finals, however.

Once the form is completely signed by all teachers, it is returned to the main office for my final review and approval.  This fully completed form and memo is due to me no later than December 13, 2022.

I would like to reinforce that it is best practice for students to take finals on the scheduled final exam days so that the review information and study time has been fully made available to all students, so that they are taking finals in a good test-taking environment, and so that students utilize all instructional time available to them within a quality educational environment with the teacher fully available to monitor and assist.

Finally, school picture re-takes will take place on November 9th.  Students should have received the form to retake pictures, if wanted, through their Social Studies classes this week.  Students can bring back their original picture package on November 9th for retakes as well.

Alright!  Happy Fall to you! Don't forget to set your clocks back one hour this Sunday, November 6th. And don't forget to vote.

Let me know if you have questions, comments or if I can help in any way:). That's what I'm here to do:0)

Have an excellent day!

Pam Meyer

October 19th, 2022

Greetings Cibola Families!

It's been a little while since I've sent you a little memo.  I hope you are all doing well, and that your student is enjoying Cibola.  Thank you for your support of our school:)

We can use your help!  We've noticed more students choosing to cross the street in areas not designated as crossing areas, and we're concerned about student safety.  Please encourage your students to cross safely, and help us to reinforce the school rules that only students in the 2023 Grad Year are welcome to enjoy off campus privileges during lunch. All underclassmen who are leaving campus during lunch or during the school day do so at their own risk.  We can do our best to keep students safe at school, but we cannot do that if they are choosing to be off campus.

Would you like to volunteer your services to our awesome Cibola Community Builders (CCB,) our parent volunteer group here at Cibola?  Did you sign up during Open House, perhaps?  Check out our Cibola Community Builders website on our Cibola website, and sign up if you have a little time or skill to donate. We thank you:)

Cibola Community Builders

Hey Parents!  We're into our 2nd 6 weeks of school this semester.  November 1st marks the end of this grading period.  Are you spying on your student's progress using ParentVue?  If not, why not?  Please help us monitor student progress, and encourage your students to turn in missing work the teachers may still accept.  Encourage them to ask to re-take tests, maybe. Or sign up for lunch support or tutoring, possibly.  Reach out to the teachers or the counselors if you have concerns about academic progress, behavior, or attendance if you could use some advice or input from the experts.  Teachers and staff members have up-to-date material, syllabi, contact information posted on our Cibola Website.  We are here to help!  Early intervention is the key to getting credit this semester.  New to ParentVue?  Click here to get started!  

Parent Vue

Short and sweet!  We're off the ground and flying through this school year at Cibola.

It's always a good day to be a Coog!

And, as always, let me know if you have questions!

Pamela Meyer, Principal

August 25th, 2022

Hello Cibola High School Parents and Guardians!

It's Open House time! 

On Wednesday, August 3, 2022 from 5:30-8:00 PM, we are having our annual Open House:) Please refer to the Cibola Open House Schedule 2022.

Please park in the Senior Lot, (Parking Lot on the East side of the School by Gymnasium.) Enter through A Hall and into the concourse.

Our illustrious Cibola Band will provide entertainment.  The football team will conduct a fundraiser, selling pizza, beverages, and dessert from the snack bar.  And, our CCB, our Cibola Community Builders parent group will be selling Cibola T-Shirts!

Please ask your students to give you their class schedule if they cannot attend with you.  

Our main office staff and counselors will be here as well should you need administrative or counseling support.

We encourage you to take advantage of meeting your student's teachers.

On August 29th during Advisory, we will conduct a Clubs, Sports and Activities Fair to inspire students to join something great here at Cibola.

Thank you for your support!

PS...a favor...Please avoid checking your students out of school between 2:00 and 2:25 PM.  This causes office and security staff burden right before parent/student pick up for the day.  Thank you!

Principal Meyer

August 12th, 2022

Hello Cibola Families!

And, officially, this school year is underway!  All things considered, we experienced a really smooth start to our school year thanks to careful summer planning, hard work and attention to detail, and our very supportive staff and community. Thanks everyone!

Good news! We have more students this year than in pandemic school years. We are monitoring our class numbers carefully:). Because of our enrollment size and schedule tightness, course switches, to different electives, for example are tougher to approve, but we'll still try. We are nearly fully hired with certified teachers in all classrooms!

APS Transportation is looking into the possibility of adding another bus route.  Right now, our busses are fairly full with only 50 students allowed to ride on one bus.  That said, students who are in the walk boundary, riding a school bus, will soon be identified and not allowed to ride the bus. There are some busses that will have to turn away riders once 50 students board the bus. If this occurs, students will have to call parents for a ride home. It's never great when we have to resort to these things, but please understand that resolutions will be made and hopefully very quickly.  We do not have control over bus transportation, and we empathize with families and students.  If you have transportation questions, please contact APS Transportation directly at or (505) 880-3989.

We were able to check out more Chromebooks and chargers today.  We are getting there.  Teachers will work with students who do not have a Chromebook yet:). 

Open House is scheduled Wednesday, August 31st from 6-8 PM.  Mark your calendars!

We want students to be timely!  Be advised that students with 20 or more tardies total by September 19th will not be able to attend the Homecoming Dance.  Let's be on time to classes!

Have an excellent weekend Coogs!

Mrs. Meyer

August 8th, 2022

Hello Cibola Parents and Guardians!

We are ready to go for this school year! Student schedules are available to view via StudentVue. We encourage students to access their schedules before they come to school, and to take a screenshot of the schedule ahead of time due to some internet slowness with cell phone use at Cibola.

I would like to share some important information to make return to school a bit smoother!  Keep in mind that your best bet is to open any links or attachments on a computer rather than your phone!

Here are the Cibola bus routes:

Cibola Bus Routes 

Student ID's will be done on August 18-19.  If your student plans to get an APS lunch, an APS ID from last year can be used to get through the first week of school lunch lines.  Also, students can pull up StudentVue on their phones and the bar code ID number can be scanned in.

We recommend you pre-pay for meals.  It's best to do that online. You can use this link to also apply for reduced or free meals.  Here's the website link:  If a student would like to pay for meals at the school, we recommend they do this during breakfast time rather than lunch time.

Pay for Meals Online, Apply for Meal Reduction 2022 

Meals Form Application

We have very full classes, so if your student wants to request a schedule change, just know that options are limited. For electives, we've done our best to give students their initial 1st, 2nd, or 3rd preferences:  Priority schedule changes will be:

  1. To meet graduation requirements.
  2. To assure no duplication of credit.
  3. Complete incomplete schedules.
  4. To request an AP or Honors class.
  5. To balance classes.

If you want to request a schedule change, do so here:  We encourage patience, and know that walk-in schedule changes will not be honored.

Schedule Change Request Form

We are not issuing any additional Chromebooks until we have enough chargers to be issued with them. We have requested additional Chromebook chargers, and are hoping to receive them quickly.  A Chromebook is a supplement to instruction/additional resource and is not required in class.  Students will not be issued additional Chromebooks if they forget their tablet at home. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Are you interested in knowing more about policies and procedures within APS and Cibola High School?...(Our policies mirror those of APS)  Our website features the 2022-2023 Cibola Handbook.  Here is the Albuquerque Public Schools Student Success Handbook for your reference:

APS Student Success Handbook 2022-2023 

To report an absence for your student, you may utilize ParentVue.  If you need assistance with excusing absences, contact Judith Garcia at (505) 897-0110 Ext. 40001

I would like to close with some information about School Safety. It is in the forefront of our minds, I know.  I want to outline the ways our school has been updated for advanced safety 

  • Cibola has been outfitted with $518,614 worth of added security improvements
  1. Nearly all main classroom doors have inside locking handles.
  2. The main entrance to the school, all doors are locked, and we have a secure, key card/doorbell entrance secure vestibule.
  3. Fencing and gates have been heightened and added to better secure perimeter of the school.
  4. Camera system have been upgraded substantially and can directly link with APD systems if needed. There is an APD Sub-Station across the street as well:)
  5. Intercom system is upgraded/updated.
  6. Safety drills are conducted with integrity so everyone is prepared properly.
  7. School Website, Home Page, Important Links, features a Student Support Tip Line.
  8. Campus Security Aides, Deans of Students and Administrators provide supervision in hallways, concourse, and outdoor fields and parking lots.
  9. Students and Staff sign up for Remind accounts to immediately receive text messages directly to individuals' cell phones.
  10. We have an excellent Advisory program with Advisory classes that meet every Monday teaching social skills, emotional intelligence, responsibility and advocacy to students.

Together, we will make Cibola a safer place to be.  We encourage students to encourage each other, to notice when something doesn't seem right, and to report anything that could possibly compromise our safety. We are stronger in numbers, and with a proactive attitude we can remain safer.

Thank you for your support and trust in Cibola High School.

Your Principal,

Mrs. Meyer

July 29th, 2022

Hello Cibola Families!

Happy 2022-2023 School Year at Cibola High School.  We are excited to see all of our students’ faces!

Class schedules should be available to view in StudentVue August 5, 2022.  Traditional registration is no longer a part of back to school tradition. Visit the Counseling page for more information that can help you for this school year!

We hope that you all have completed online registration for this school year.  For all registration/enrollment information including online registration.

If you have completed online registration, you’ll be able to verify on ParentVue, and you should have received an email to confirm that your online registration is complete for this school year.

If you have not completed all steps for online registration, you will have received an email from our Enrollment Clerk, Jessica.  Typically, you are considered as incomplete for online registration if you still need to upload current documents.

If you have any questions about registration, please contact Cibola’s main office at (505) 897-0110 and dial zero between 7 AM and 3 PM each day.

Our first day of school is August 10th. We have some preparation options for you! Students who want to get a jump on things like lockers, Chromebook checkout, PE uniforms and parking permits are welcome to stop by during designated times.

Seniors:  August 3, 9-11:30 AM

Juniors:  August 3, 12:30-2 PM

Sophomores:  August 4, 9-11:30 AM

Freshmen:  August 4, 12:30-2 PM

Freshman jump-start orientation sessions will take place on the first day of school.

Lockers will be sold during these check-in times or during the first week of school at lunch in the concourse.  The cost to rent a locker is $5.00.  Students must bring their own combination lock or plan to purchase a lock from us.  Locks will be available to purchase for $5.00. Locks must be placed on lockers immediately after purchase.

Students will take ID/Yearbook photos on August 18-19.  IDs will be issued about a week afterward.  Seniors who have taken their yearbook photos before August 1st will have their senior photos printed on their ID’s.  All other seniors will be photographed with the underclassmen on August 18-19.  Seniors who will need to take yearbook photos should make an appointment with kennethbrownphotography

All students must check out a Chromebook this year, and students must also sign a contract this year. Parents, if not present at Chromebook check-out, will not be required to sign the contract. I do want you to know what the contract stipulates as it will be binding.  Please be advised that replacement of Chromebooks that are lost or stolen as well as replacement chargers may now incur a replacement fee. So, take good care of these Chromebooks and chargers.

Please print this form (if you are able) and complete it prior to picking up a Chromebook.  We will have contracts available to complete as well for students who do not have the form when they pick up a Chromebook.

Chromebook Contract 2022-2023 

Parking permit information is located on the Cibola website.  Permits are $35.00, and a valid driver’s license, current proof of insurance and state vehicle registration is needed to purchase a permit. Here is where to go to apply for and purchase parking passes online:

Exciting news! This year, all juniors with a cumulative 4.0 or higher GPA will be eligible to purchase a senior lot parking permit with off campus permissions granted during lunch.

All seniors interested in reserved parking can have the opportunity to paint a reserved parking space on August 12-13.  There will be no makeup dates for parking spot painting.  For more details, seniors should check their APS inboxes.  Seniors received an email from Ms. Chavez on July 14th and will receive another message August 1st.  If there are any questions, please email Ms. Chavez at

There will be a charge for APS meals this year.  Regular prices will be $1.25 for breakfast and $2.25 for lunch.  High school students may charge no more than two meals.  If you would like to see if you qualify for free or reduced meals, you can complete an application here:

Meals Form Application

Do you want to find your school bus route?  Here’s a handy way to do that: My Bus Stop

Wearing masks is a personal preference as we come back into this school year. If your students are sick, please keep them home, and if your son or daughter tests positive for COVID, please contact our school nurses.

Well, that is a ton of helpful information.  Please let me know if you have additional questions.

We are jazzed to start this new school year with you!  Thank you for your support!

Pamela Meyer, Your Principal