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Principal's Message

May 1st, 2020

Hello Coogs!

I hope you are all doing well out there.

Thank you for your patience as we wade through the plans to get everyone taken care of on multiple levels:)  We'll be sending, posting, submitting more information next week, but for now, I want to give you some information regarding locker clean-out.

May 7th, 12-2, Junior Lot:  Seniors, by alpha last name, will be returning school materials.  A process has been shared using all our communication tools.

May 15th, 8-2, West/Portable Side C Hall Entrance: Seniors, by alpha last name, will be invited into the school to clean out lockers.

May 18th, 7:30-4:00, South/Cafeteria Side, E Hall Entrance:  Students, grades 9-11, alpha by last name, with E Hall Lockers will be invited into E Hall to clean out lockers.

May 19th, 8-3, West/Portable Side C Hall Entrance:  Students, grades 9-11, alpha by last name, with C Hall Lockers, will be invited into C Hall to clean out lockers.

May 20th, 8-3, A and B Hall, Main Entrance of School: Students, grades 9-11, alpha by last name, with A or B Hall Lockers, will be invited into A or B Hall to clean out lockers.

A few things to note:

*There will be make up days week of May 25th for students who cannot come for locker clean out during designated time.

*Students, grades 9-11, can return school materials they may have at home, at later to be determined times/dates.

*School materials checked out to individual students and located in classrooms will be checked back in by school staff.

*Arrangements will be made for students who have personal belongings in classrooms. Communications are forthcoming.

*There will be a lineup/parking area designated for students getting dropped off to clean out lockers.  Students have 10-15 minutes to clean out locker. No parent/guardians can enter school at this time.

Students, please bring a bag or backpack with you for locker clean out, and be sure to wear masks or gloves if you have them.

In other news, graduation ceremonies have been scheduled at Tingley in July if health regulations will allow.  Chromebooks checked out to students cannot be returned until a clear plan for this process is communicated.  We have not yet received information for yearbook or diploma distribution.  Predict that a virtual honors ceremony for seniors will be conducted in early June, forseeably.

As always, you have my commitment that we will keep you informed as we move forward.

Thank you for your support!

Sincerely, Pamela Meyer, Principal

April 21st, 2020

Good Morning Cibola,

I hope this message finds you in good health and spirits!  We are moving along with the temporary new normal at Cibola:)  

There are always growing pains as we work through the complexities of online learning, but I feel confident that our staff is working hard to build vital learning connections for you and your students.  I have learned that with teachers using Google Classroom, only those with APS credentials can log in, so if you want to see what your students are learning, you can lean over shoulder to take a peek:)  Please email your student's teachers questions you might have about any aspect of instruction.  Our school administration and counselors are available to answer questions too.

We have begun to reach out, in segments, to families of students who are not participating in online instruction. The contacts are supportive in nature as we want all students to participate in distance learning actively with their teachers.  These communications are designed to keep all students connected with school, and we appreciate your support.

Good news!  Chromebooks are now available on loan for families who have multiple students in one household and need additional computer support.  Also, if you could not pick up a Chromebook and have no computer at home, you can still pick up a Chromebook as well.  Don't forget to bring a student ID or a student ID number with a driver's license.

APS Technology will have an on-going distribution center at 930 Oak St. SE. This location is by Milne Stadium, will have banners pointing the way, and will be open from 9-3 daily. 

Remember that we have internet vehicles in the senior lot on the East side of school from 8:45 to 2:00 each day at Cibola.  Students can park and do school work in their vehicles.  We hope that if you need internet access, you will take full advantage of this support.

Have a great week, and know that we will always keep you updated as we progress with additional information.


Pamela Meyer, Principal

April 17th, 2020

Good afternoon, Cibola, and Happy Friday :)

We have just completed our first full week of online instruction, and it has been largely successful in spite of a few complexities and a steep learning curve.  Thank you for your support!

We loaned out about 510 Chromebooks at Cibola this week! This is a tall order, and I'm happy that we are supporting our families in this way.  If you missed the distribution day, and do not have a working computer at home, please let me know, and we will make arrangements with you.

Please remember that when teachers send information to parents and students through Synergy, parents get the communication to their email, but students get the information in the form of Student Vue messages.  Many students are/were not familiar with Student Vue message feature, so many feel/felt they had not received information from teachers.  We are working hard to provide guidance to students, and hopefully, through REMIND, Student Vue, because you relayed information to your students, and/or through Google Classroom or Google Meet you have gained direction at this point.  If you are still seeking guidance from our staff, please let me know with whom you need this communication and I will assist you.

I realize many of you really want to get some of your belongings from the school. To adhere to health and district guidelines, we will communicate a plan by May 1st to begin to address a plan for this.  Many of you are wondering about yearbooks, diplomas, caps/gowns or honor cord distribution, and these things will be addressed in the plan district will communicate by May 1st.  Please remain patient.

There is not yet a definitive answer on what criteria will be utilized for grade/athletic eligibility from Spring semester at this point, but NMAA and APS Athletics is working to develop a plan, and that communication is forthcoming.

I am fully aware of how hard all of this has been on seniors as well. District is working with activities directors to collaborate to create recognition ceremonies for our Class of 2020.  Graduation ceremonies are postponed, but not canceled at this point.  When I gain more information, know that I will share quickly.

We have had a spirited week with class elections done by student video, and it's been fun. We'll conduct a virtual prom assembly as well. We're still having fun with and for our students!

There have been questions about whether assignment completion is mandatory.  As educators and parents, we must support continuous learning no matter what form it takes.  So, yes, we have expectations together that our students remain engaged intellectually, and we know how important it is for our students to sharpen and reinforce their skills. During our advisory course, we have developed a social/emotional curriculum for our students, a priority during this difficult time in our lives. Thank you for helping educators set the same expectations at school as at home.

We are here for our most precious resource, our students.  We'll stay firm and strong in our resolve.

Have a wonderful weekend! As Cougars, we'll stick together even when we are physically apart.


Pamela Meyer

April 8th, 2020

Hello Cibola Families,

I hope this message finds you all well.  APS is committed to recognizing excellence and achievement in an environment that provides equitable access to learning.  The health crisis faced by our community has created unforeseen challenges for both students and teachers transitioning to a continuous learning setting, but we all will adapt and prevail in our quest.  While I will outline some important points from the APS Continuous Learning Plan within this message, the entire Continuous Learning Plan is available on the APS website at

Chromebooks will be distributed to Cibola families without computer access on April 13th and 14th using the grade level plan I communicated in the April 6th School Messenger. The full schedule is also available on the APS website at You will need to show your student ID or a parent or student driver’s license to pick up a computer.  The drive through pick-up of these devices will occur as indicated in the diagram link at end of this message.  You can see that the Jr. Lot on the far west side of campus will be used for computer distribution and the drive-up points/tents are indicated with numbers 1, 2, and 3. The district has approved one computer per family right now.  If a surplus of Chromebooks remains after first distribution, there may be more latitude on the one computer per family policy.  If so, I’ll let you know.

It is important that you regularly access your Parent and Student Vue Messages for information from teachers.  Students, if you happen to need your password reset, you can contact our librarian, Roberta Fotter, at Parents, if you need a password reset, you must contact Whether student or parent, you’ll need to provide student name and ID number with your request.  If you have trouble accessing your messages through the app on your phone, you may need to log in to

By Monday, teachers will reach out to you through your Student and Parent Vue Messages. They’ll provide all the vital information you’ll need to get started.  I want to encourage you to be patient and flexible as we get started as this is truly a fairly new way of doing things.

Please know that while the Cibola High School instructional schedule sets up a designated times for each class period, the sessions will be recorded, so that if you aren’t logged in when the class is in session, you will still be able to get information.  We know that many families are sharing a computer with multiple family members.  Click on link at the end of this message.

There are a set of norms for virtual meetings, that we would like you to adhere to.  They are:


  1. Login name must include both your first and last names.
  2. Appropriate language in all chat
  3.  Dress appropriately
  4. Be on time to each classroom
  5. Choose a quiet place for your meeting with good lighting (maybe a sign on a door to let them know not to disrupt you).
  6. Chats should be written to the entire class or the instructor.
  7. Having your microphone off should be your default setting upon entering the room.
  8. Meetings will be recorded. This facilitates students who may miss an instructional time.
  9. Be respectful to other participants in the room.
  10. Please remember that APS has an online bullying policy that will be enforced.

Many of you have questions about grades.  I will spell it out the best I can, and do know, the information, more comprehensively, is on the APS website at

  • All students with a letter grade of A, B, C, or D for the 5th 6 Weeks Grades (Grades Due, April 8th) will earn a grade of P for the semester grade.
  • All students with a letter grade of “F” for the 5th 6 Weeks Grade will have an opportunity to demonstrate proficiency up to May 21st.  If students do not demonstrate proficiency, they will need to repeat the course and will receive an N grade at semester.
  • No grades will be entered into the grade book from April 13th through May 21st.
  • Teachers will assess work submitted by students and provide feedback to students.
  • The GPA for students will neither be harmed or helped by work completed April 13th through May 21st, and students with AP or Honors courses will still receive weighted credit at semester end.
  • There will be no final exams.

You can expect that teachers will provide information to you about criteria and expectations for their learning activities.  They will provide contact information and office hours information to you very soon.

We are expecting all students to sharpen and reinforce their academic skills during this transitional learning time. Instruction will focus upon material that has already been introduced, and no new standards will be taught for the remainder of the semester.  While no attendance will be formally taken, we want all students to fully participate and will provide a means for quality learning to occur.

Responding to teachers will be essential.  If there are extenuating circumstances that you need them to know about, please share this information so we can all best work together for positive outcomes.

I am confident that our teachers possess the expertise to work with you well, and our staff members are all available to you via email or other established or communicated contact methods.

Let’s go Coogs!  We got this!


Cibola Diagram

Cibola Instructional Schedule

Pamela Meyer, Principal

April 6th, 2020

Hello Cibola,

The school district is on the verge of releasing the Continuous Learning Plan, and I presented it to all staff members today.  Teachers and staff understand revised teaching and learning essentials, and grading system, and they will be working with our families and students going forward.

I have attached our revised learning schedule so that we can organize classes and office hours to avoid overlap.  Online learning will begin April 13th through May 21st for grades 9-12.

Your 5th 6 Week Grades will be in Student and Parent Vue by April 8th, and these grades, it has been directed, will be letter grades. 

Chromebook Drive Thru Distribution for Cibola families who have no digital device at home is scheduled as follows: Rest assured there is enough for match need:

April 13th, Seniors, 9-12, Juniors, 12-3

April 14th, Sophomores, 9-12, Freshmen, 12-3


One computer per family, must have student ID or state issued driver's license (parent or student)

Use Jr. Lot Pick up/Drop Off Lane on West Side of campus.


No school belongings can be retrieved by students at this time, and nothing you may have left at school will be essential to you completing assignments. District will communicate more about collecting belongings and yearbook distribution by May 1st.

I've included, as attached, information on how to sign up for REMIND for announcements to your phone, students, and we need far more freshmen and sophomores to sign up than we have now.  Stay in the know.

As always, I'll be in close communication regarding any other important information you will need to know.  And, feel free to pose any questions you may have.

 Weekly Learning Schedule

 How to Sign up for REMIND  

Here to help:)

Mrs. Meyer

April 3rd, 2020

Hello Cibola Families,

The Continuous Learning Plan for Albuquerque Public Schools has been in active progress since the notice issued last Friday by Public Education Department that students would engage in learning outside of school buildings. The plan will now go to the APS Board of Education for potential approval. Highlights, main considerations, of this plan will be communicated by school district to families early next week.

The week of April 6th, school staff will be preparing, learning themselves, and will be ready to formally provide online instruction to students the week of April 13th. At this time, due to Department of Health parameters set, students will not be able to enter schools to collect any belongings, even learning materials.  Online activities provided for students will not require any materials currently at the school.  A plan to pick up belongings will occur later when the restrictions are lifted.

5th 6-week grades will be entered on April 8th.  It has now been communicated that these grades will be letter grades based on assignments assigned up to March 13th.  Progress reports will not be sent home, but grade information is available on Student and Parent Vue.  More semester grade information will be provided by district next week.

Distribution of Chromebooks to Cibola families (who, currently, have no computer at home) will occur the week of April 13th and the plan will be communicated by district and media early next week. If you have questions about your passwords for Student or Parent Vue, email our librarian, Roberta Fotter, at
She may be able to help in resetting those passwords for access.

We are making a plan for yearbook distribution and exploring possible shipping options and later delivery schedule for underclassmen.  More later, but check the Cibola website for updates soon.

Thank you for your patience and support during this unprecedented time. Everyone is doing their very best, and we appreciate your flexibility.

Pamela Meyer, Cibola High School Principal

March 27th, 2020

Good Afternoon Cibola Families,

I know you probably feel about as bewildered and shaken as I do at the announcement that schools will not reopen for the remainder of this school year.  I realize that seniors are really disappointed at the prospect of the senior traditions for them being pushed out of reach.  I completely understand and I empathize, believe me.  This pandemic is so difficult on so many levels, and this is just one of the impacts. Through these things, we learn resilience, a quality that is essential in everything we aspire to accomplish and surpass.

Please know that we will be resuming educational opportunities for students through a continuous learning plan, and all students can earn their credits this way.

Our building may be closed, but school is not closed. Continuous learning will be the order of each day going forward.

Our seniors will be prioritized first, and the district is working over Spring Break to get this grade level set first, with online learning, summer school opportunities if needed, with credit bearing assignments. All other grade levels will gain these educational opportunities as well.  

We will be in communication the week of April 6th with more specific guidance, with opportunities to access internet and computers for those families who are in need of these resources too.

We know these things thus far:

1). All employees will be paid to perform duties toward supporting students to earn credits virtually.

2). All grades from here on will be pass, no credit grades.  More specifics to come regarding final semester grades.

3)  All standardized testing is waived for the remainder of this semester.

4) Graduation ceremonies are postponed through May. More specifics to come.

5) Prom is canceled for April 18th, but brainstorming for possibly holding a later prom is happening.

6) We will be communicating a plan for allowing students and teachers to collect essential belongings from the school..that is, only those things that are essential to learning and teaching.  We will communicate a plan for pick up of other non-essential to learning belongings to happen when it's safe to do so.

7)  Beginning April 13th, students will begin to interact with online instruction, 30 minute per teacher per day, 3 hours per day max. Students will engage in learning only critical standards for advancement to next grade level.  Proficiency in the content will be at the center of all assessment.

8)  AP Exams will be offered to students online with encrypted security features to prevent cheating, and will cover material learned through March.

FAQ from Secretary of Education's address this morning.  Interpretations of what some of the dictates mean are still ongoing.

What we know is that we will need to operate with patience and flexibility as we navigate this unchartered territory.

We are right here with you, and we will create a high quality plan for our students. Our teachers and staff are knowledgeable, innovative, and responsive to students.

We are going to pause for Spring Break, and we'll be back in a different full swing soon.

Thank you for your understanding and support.


Pamela Meyer